Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Run 18 and 19 of 48 goals reassessment

Long slow run (LSR) recap: Well me long slow run was long and slow but not quite long enough. I only completed 8.4 miles or one loop around the lake. I set out for my run around 4ish after picking up the dog. The sun was brutal. The day was milder than the Florida heat but I didn't prepare for the sun. Sunscreen is still the name of the game and I didn't use any. Bad Elizabeth.

I did think to bring water with me and enough Gu's to run two loops. My water was getting low so I decided to stop at a park and get some water. Well there was no water available. I was hot and tired but kept going. I made it to around 7 miles and my foot started to ache. I am attributing this to running two days in a row. Running back to back runs is not my favorite thing to do. I actually plan on not running back to back usually. Well not this week.

The interval training was completed on Monday evening. I ran 7 intervals of 0.5 miles at 6.2 mph. Rough, really rough is how I would describe the intervals. I stopped after 3 intervals for a potty break and got back to it. The rest of the intervals were long sloughs and it was hard to focus on the show and not on the slow ticking of the mileage. The mileage finally ticked by and I was able to finish up the run successfully.

I am not sure how running will go in the future. I have some personal things going on in my life that may interfere with my running. While running has become a good form of exercise I might be switching to something more low impact. As of now though I still planning on running and/or walking the Route 66 marathon.
See you out there for a run.

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