Thursday, September 22, 2016

Run 20 injury, skip 21, 22, 23, & 24 of 48

On Friday I decided to do my tempo run as I was tired from my previous workouts earlier in the week. The weather was hot and humid and I wanted to be able to control my environment so I ran on the treadmill. I will henceforth refer to this as mistake number one. I chose my Hoka Clifton 1 shoes as I love the toe box and notice more blistering in Clifton 2 on treadmill. Mistake number 2 right there. 

My run started out well but I stopped at around 1.5 mph for some reason. Why? I can't really remember at this point in time. I am sure it was to grab water or use the bathroom or stretch. Here is what came next....

Well that's not very interesting you say....It seems like you just finished your run. Why yes, yes I did. But in the last 2 miles or so I felt a twinge in my right foot. A twinge you say? Well it wasn't that bad so I keep running. I finish and feel pretty good. As I step off of the treadmill to get a cloth to wipe down the equipment I had just sweated all over I was in some significant pain. My toes were not happy campers. 
Being Friday and knowing I have a long 17 miler coming up on Sunday I am concerned. Very concerned. I would like to say I got home and immediately iced my foot and put on RX cream. Nope I just chilled out and went about my weekend. Babying my foot as much as possible. I had things to do dang it. Which by the way we got our back garage door replaced!!! 
Saturday after dinner I decided it was time to soak my foot. 

Well Sunday morning I awoke to foot pain. I had a pretty good idea I wasn't going to be running my long run. I scheduled a doctors appointment on Monday just to be sure I didn't have a break.
So I have missed quit a few training runs. I didn't complete my interval or tempo run this week. I have instead switched it out with the bike. My foot is slowly coming around and the doctor today said I am most likely correct in having extensor tendonitis. I was told to get new shoes (no more being cheap). I can start with the elliptical as soon as I feel ready and if that doesn't cause more pain go back to running. Tomorrow is supposed to be a 10 mile tempo run and depending on how my foot feels I may try the elliptical. I first plan on going to the running store and trying on the Hoka Clifton 3 shoes.
I guess let this be a lesson, while you may love your old shoes, get new shoes when your mileage gets around 400-500.
The new plan is to heal, because I appreciate being able to walk. I will train as I can for as far as I can and will run on race day come what may!
Walk or run I will finish the race!!

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