Monday, September 5, 2016

Runs 13, 14, 15 of 48

Run 13 Recap: Run 10 X 0.25 mile intervals at 6.3 mph or 9.5 mph
The intervals were done on the treadmill. The treadmill is my go to for interval training as it makes keeping a consistent pace easier. The run went fairly well. I am starting to forget my runs so I need to update more. Maybe this a good thing as it will make training easier.

Run 14 recap: 5 mile run at 5.7 mph or 10.5 mph
My tempo run!! I was not as excited as the exclamation marks make it sound. I was dreading this run. I was having a hard week and was not at all rested for this run. I would have run outside but the weather wasn't the best. Luckily the run went fairly well. I was able to finish without much trouble. I was tired and sore but done.

Run 15 LSR recap: 14 mile run
My long slow run for the week was not so long. I ended up only completing 7 miles. I was running after work as I am on vacation for a week. The run was completed on a part of the memorial marathon course which was uphill the entire way. The sun was covered for the first part of the run making it cooler. The second part of the run was hard as the sun was out and the humidity was making me sweat worse than usual. Added to that was the makeup dripping off my face into my eyes temporarily blinding me. I was not having a good run. Once I reached the quarter way point I decided to make it half. I turned around and headed back to my car. Gosh was I happy when I got there. I was slightly disappointed I didn't make it 14 but felt good that I had at least attempted.  I am loving my vacation as my family and I are at Universal Studios in Orlando and having a blast.

I hope to get my runs in on Wednesday and Friday this week as I don't plan on going to the parks these days.

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