Monday, April 4, 2016

20 Miles in 4 hrs 9 min!

Wow you guys, yesterday was a lot of running firsts for me. First time getting up for a training run at 5 am on a weekend!! First time running into a South wind for 3+ miles. First time running with a training group. First time completing 20 miles strong and still running a decent pace.

I am so glad I decided to run with the OKC landrunners on my 20 mile training run. Everything went pretty great. I was so thankful for the water stops. The run followed the marathon course for the first 10 miles I think. I got to experience the hilliness that is OKC. I am glad I worked some hills into my training runs. I am thinking of stepping up my hill training this week on the treadmill. I did start to tucker out around mile 17 again. I am hoping this has less to do with the hills and more to do with the wind. I was able to keep running more than the A2A race though from mile 17-20.

I did abandon the course around mile 18 or so when it had us doing another North South loop. I decided to head back to my car. I made it to within a block of my car and was at 20 miles. Talk about good planning.

After the run I was in a bit of a daze. The rest of my day involved chores/cleaning and rest. I ended up taking a bit longer to get my chores done then for a regular Sunday. I can't imagine why. I did soak my feet in epsom salts to help treat my toe. My toe didn't hurt a bit and did surprisingly well on the run. I also had my husband rolling pin me. I can tell you this hurt, a lot. I have never cussed so much before in my life. Luckily it helped a ton. I feel like I was able to walk around much better today than I was after the A2A.

I am off to finish lifting, do some yoga, and make and eat some delicious treats.

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