Saturday, April 23, 2016

On to the finish line

Well folks this last week before the marathon has been a bit hectic. I have been really busy at work, which is good considering the state of the industry. My mid-week runs went fine. I ran both indoors to keep the allergies at bay ad much as possible. I can't believe tomorrow is finally race day! I am going to break down the food, and stretching I did this week.
Food: I wanted to keep it consistent. I chose a high fiber cereal and banana for breakfast most mornings. Friday I was bored and had oatmeal. I had salad with avacado and egg for lunch with fruit. Mid-afternoon snack was a rice cake. Dinner was chicken tenders rice or pasta and a veggie. Today's pre-race day food was eggs and toast for breakfast, chicken and pasta for lunch and I will prob have a light dinner of rice, green beans and chicken. Around 6.
Rest: I have been trying to go to bed earlier this week and skipped a fun activity to get to bed earlier. I hope this has helped.
Hydration: water, tea, more water. I had my last alcoholic drink on Thursday night. I am looking forward to my post-race homebrew.
Today I have been constantly drinking. I want to make sure I am not dehydrated at all going into tomorrow.
Care: I now hate the rolling pin. My DH has been rolling me this week. I definitely notice a  difference. I will have one more rollout tonight. I have soaked my feet twice this week as well. I may have picked at my missing toenail last night. I was a little concerned after getting back from an event ad it was starting to hurt. The soaking in Epsom and neosporian seem to be working wonders though. I won't let anything stop me now!!
Weather: well what do ya know it will be windy. Remember all this training runs up hill and in the wind? Well they are going to come in handy. Sustained wind by 10:30 will be in 20s with gusts of 40. The wind will be coming from the South so the last couple miles will be awesome(hard). What are ya going to do?
I have done all I can and stuck to my training plan. I have eaten and hydrated and now all there is left to do is run.
I hope to see you out there tomorrow running to remember!

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