Sunday, April 10, 2016

Rough long run

Well I am slightly disappointed in myself. Today was a 15 mile run. My training is starting to taper off. I had the redbud classic at 2pm. I talked if over with my DH and decided to run outside for 9 miles before the race. Guys it was rough. The weather had been overcast and cool, but the sun was out and the wind had died down a bit by the time I left for my run. I was fighting the whole 7.5ish miles back to my car. The area where I ran is hilly and did not do me any favors. I just kept telling myself, " this will be worse than the marathon because it is hotter." I am hoping this will be true on race day since we are starting at 6:30 am.
After getting back to my car I changed my socks and shirt. I ditched the extra shirt with longer sleeves I was going to wear. It was just too hot. Luckily I didn't get any chaffing.
I was as quick as possible since I didn't have much time. My first 7.5 miles were around 12:24 min/mile. Not bad considering wind, heat, and hills.
I started my mile trek to the start line. A note to all race coordinators if you have a different start and finish please have adequate transportation. Anyways I jogged a bit of the way to the start. I am counting this as part of my training but prob shouldn't since I wasn't running the whole time.
I met a very nice woman while waiting for the race to start. She kindly gave me some sunscreen as mine had all sweated off and I didn't think to bring more. I am definitely investing in some waterproof sunscreen packets for race day. Anyways, the sun was brutal and I stayed hidden as long as possible. Not having lunch was a bad idea as while waitin I started to get hungry. I had planned on having a gu near the start but had cabed when changing and had it 45 min before the race. The race started at 2 and we were off. The course changed this year and there was noonster hill at the start. I was very appreciative of this. I really tried running the first mile but it was so hot. I ended up walking sooner than I wanted. The rest of the race was more of the same.
I really tried but the sun was just beating down, and we did get a respite the wind was in our face. We could just not catch a break. My results are as follows for 6.2 miles:
Overall I am pretty happy considering the late start, hills, and wind. I am going to rest up the week and see if I can crank out 10 miles at 11:30 next weekend. 
Hope your races went better this weekend.

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