Friday, April 15, 2016

Almost there!

I finished up my last long mid-week run yesterday. First I will recap Tuesday's interval training.

Tuesday I was scheduled for 3x1 mi at 11:15 min/mile pace. I was feeling pretty good after recovering from my long run on the weekend. The weather was perfect outside and I got to enjoy while walking the dog before my run. I dropped him off at home which he was not too happy about. My DH was out of town and poor doggy doesn't like being left alone. Anyways with his puppy cries as motivation to get home sooner I set out. I may have broken my PR for a 5k while I was supposed to be tapering.....oops. I finished my run in 33:40! Fastest 5k yet. I really was tired after the run and calves were sore from the hills around my house but I did it!!

Thursday (yesterday) I had an 8 mile 12:15 min/mile run scheduled. Well this time I took the dog on a 1 mile run. He kept up a good pace at about 11:00 until about .75 mile and then we slowed down a bit. I finished up a mile with him and walked the rest of the way back home to drop him off. I then had 7 miles left. I was bound and determined to work off those Krispy Kreme's I had earlier in the day. I didn't follow the route I had scheduled but just kept running around the same neighborhoods. I bet my neighbors think I am nutso. I kept up a pretty good pace and finished with 11:36 min/mile. Again not tapering so well huh....

Tom. is my final long run before the race!! I can't believe it is almost here. I am excited and nervous and ready to be done!! I am really looking forward to the pancakes tom after I finish running. They will make getting up at 6:30am much more bearable.

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