Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Book Review: Firefly Hollow by T.L. Haddix

Brief Summary: Sarah and Owen grow up in the same holler each with different family dynamics but love of a special place brings them together in the end. 

Long Review: Firefly Hollow was a quick read and great for traveling to and from the airport. I had to finish it the next night but only have a few chapters left. The series is set in Firefly Hollow and unlike other series does not follow a set of characters but the town. I read the first book Firefly Hollow about Sarah Browning and Owen Campbell. The Browning family is comprised of three children with Sarah being the middle child. She is kind and caring and gets picked on by her older sister Kathy. In her need for solitude she ranges onto the neighbor's land, which she has been forbidden from doing, and finds a secluded rock pool. 
Owen is rejected by his family because of special abilities and finds Sarah on his land. Instead of running her off he allows her to continue to visit as he sees the pool brings her peace and comfort. 
Sarah continues on with her life and leaves to become a teacher in college. When her father dies suddenly she returns to the special pool to seek solace. Owen again sees her there again and after so many years realizes his feelings for her. Not understanding and accepting of these feelings he leaves to seek the counsel of his Uncle. He eventually returns and starts to court the young feminist. Tragedy strikes the young couple's romance when Owen's Uncle's house catches fire. Owen leaves to help his family but neglects Sarah in the process. Sarah unsure of what to think hears terrible news about Owen from her sister. Kathy is also saying goodbye as she is leaving her husband for another man. Tragedy then strikes the Browning family again and with Owen gone Sarah is distraught. Owen realizes his mistake and returns to Sarah and her family to aide them in their time of need. The book ends on a predictable but happy note. 
I thoroughly enjoyed this read. I am sad to not be able to follow the story of the characters any longer. I am not sure I will pick up any more books in the series as they are not free and only relate in location to this book.

Rating: 3/5

Other works by the author: A Firefly Hollow Series, Shadows Collection

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