Tuesday, May 24, 2016

"New" used bicycle adventures

Look what I found at the thrift store!
Thrift Store Find

I am so excited to have a bike! I was able to score this for under $20! I knew it needed some work. I first cleaned all of the dust off the bike. Next I greased everything which required me to take a picture so I knew how to put the shifter back together. One of the tires was flat so I needed a new tube. I took the front tire to a shop and they helped me determine the tire was still good but I needed a new tube. I purchased another tube to change the rear tire I had left at home. DH and I were able to get the new tube on but the tire went flat almost immediately. Turns out there is an insulation layer between the spokes and the tubing that needed to be replace. I went back to the shop for another tube. In total the bike needed three new tubes, two new insulation strips, and some work. I have taken it out for several spins. I have realized a few things. First the bike is heavy since it is so old. Much heavier than other bikes made today. This makes me slower than everyone else. Second my gear shifters need some more work and I need to learn how to use them better. I am not sure if I will take the bike in or try and learn how to do it myself. Third, biking is a lot of fun and look forward to maybe biking to work this summer!

Cleaned up

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