Sunday, May 22, 2016

Review of Alpha: A Black Flagged Thriller

Brief Summary:  "Alpha: A Black Flagged Thriller" by Steven Konkoly is an action packed thriller, filled with spies. 

Long Review: The story takes places along the East coast but primarily focuses on the Washington D.C. area. Multiple TLA government agencies are involved, CIA, FBI, NSA and Pentagon. The story starts out several years before the present with a take down by the lead character Daniel. The timeline then skips ahead to Daniel's now seemingly normal life. The book continues to follow Daniel as he is pulled back into work with an organization he thought he was done with. 

I found the book to be interesting as well as slow at times. I read the first few chapters and wasn't sure I would like the book. I read the next few and was able to put the book down. When I finally neared the end I had to finish the book. I did not appreciate the number of characters in various agencies. The operation the lead character Daniel works for isn't flushed out until the end complicating things as well. The book does keep the reader on their toes. I was wondering what was going to happen as there were not very many breadcrumbs left for the reader intuit what was going to happen later. I did appreciate that about this book. I do not foresee myself reading any further books in this series. I would recommend this book to a spy thriller enthusiast or a male as there are very detailed accounts of the cars and weapons used. 

Rating: 3/5

Other works by the author: Black Flagged Redux, Black Flagged Apex, Black Flagged Vektor

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