Monday, June 20, 2016

Hot 5K

Well Friday night was a scorcher. My DH and I signed up to run the summer sizzlin' series and the first run was Friday night. I had run outside on Wednesday for about 3/4 of a mile around 6 pm so I had a taste of the heat. I was still not prepared for the heat on Friday night. The weather was hot and muggy. I had forgotten my watch and I realize now that I rely on it to tell me how much further I have to go. Anyways, I ended up running the first 2k before I stopped. I can't tell you if I was running to fast or slow but it felt fast. I was running for the turn around and it seemed so far away. I am coming to find I do better when running solo as I can stay in my head and focus on my goal. When I run with others I have to be present outside of myself so I can keep them and me safe, since I am a tripping/falling hazard.
My swag
Anyways, I finished the race around the 34 min mark, which is my standard race run time. I was hoping for a PR since I am getting faster but no luck. After the race we grabbed a beer, sno-cone and a hot dog and headed home. I really enjoyed the cold shower. I am not very hopeful that the next run will be any better but hope I can acclimate more to this hot weather.

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