Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Hot, Hot, Hot

Running recap coming up. I have been doing the normal mid-week runs on Tuesday and Thursday. I took this weekend off from a long run. Partially because I was tired and partially because I wanted to bike. I rode the Katy trail which was very scenic and pretty.
Train Museum
I got to enjoy a treat when I got home from my ride.
Homemade strawberry wine slushy

In other running news my DH and I signed up for the Sizzlin' Summer Series in OKC.  The series is three runs on Friday nights at 8pm at various parks in OKC. The signup includes a shirt & medal for each race. We get a visor for signing up for all 3 races before the deadline. I am also looking forward to the festivities after the race. I have switched my running up to accommodate running on Friday nights. I am now running on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday nights. I am running later after dinner to get used to the heat. Thus far it has been very tough. The weather has been particularly hot and humid here. I am not looking forward to tom. nights run. I am thinking of running for a longer distance tom. night, maybe 4 miles at race pace (around 10:30) with spurts faster.

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