Wednesday, June 1, 2016


Confession time, my running has suffered a bit lately. In all honesty I am doing pretty well but I just don't feel it right now. I think this has more to do with other stresses in my life. My split runs are going pretty well and my pace is picking up. I am closer to 10.5 min/mile which is good. Over the long holiday weekend I couldn't seem to get out the door. I did attempt on Sunday but woke up too late to run. It was hot and muggy by 8:30 am when I got out for my run. I had a mile under my belt when I had to use the facilities and had a abdomen problem. I headed home. I intended to go back out but between my mood, the pain in my abdomen and my ankle I was done. I did take the dog for a walk later that day and ran around the block to drop off some mail to a neighbor.

I have also started back at lifting. I am up to around 20 lbs right now. I am doing the 5X5 program. I am interested to get up to higher weights. I am trying to get lean and mean to help with running. I have also started tracking food with myfitnesspal again. I have felt my pants being a little tighter and I am stress eating at work. I am looking to keep my fitness up and don't want to let this get out of control. I am taking the steps to help keep everything in check. My nerdy 30 is coming up and I am trying to decide what to do, if anything. Maybe a doctor who themed night?

Anyways, I did a slow run at 11.5 min per mile yesterday for 3.2ish miles. I intended to do 6 to make up for the run I missed on Sunday. I had stayed late at work and was hungry so I cut it short. I will have to run my intervals tom. and run 7 on Sunday in the early am.
Keep running out there!

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