Sunday, July 10, 2016

Slacking on running

Lately I have not been feeling the running. Which stinks since I have signed up for a the marathon in Nov. I really slacked this week with running. I only ran on Friday and Sunday. I did lift a few times though. My run today was brutal. I did not get up early enough and the run was so hot. I got 3.75 miles in before I called it and headed home. I was able to get another 1.25 miles in before I had to get ready for company but I walked those. I know I hurt myself by riding to the lake for a boat outing on Sat. night tiring out my legs. I am going to work on running more this week and lifting. I am hoping the extra running will help me acclimate to the temperatures more. I need to take the stance of I will run everyday and if I don't I should do another exercise.
I will be prepped for the next marathon one way or another.

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