Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Blogs I love

Well I have been a bloggie for a while now. I had one before and have one again. Here is a collection of blogs I love to read and a short description. Secrets are posted every Sunday. I find it interesting the personal secrets people do not want to share with those around them but can tell complete strangers. Holly and the Hounds. Blog written by my cousin Holly in Texas helps keep in touch with events in her awesome life!
Confessions of a Pioneer Woman. I came across this blog when it was nominated for a blog award! I just this morning found how she met her Marlboro Man! The story is the most romantic love story I have read in a while and reminds me why I love the country so much. I recommend you read it !!!! Cake Wrecks
I love cake and I enjoy seeing well made cakes and blunders. Confessions of a Young Married Couple. I enjoy this blog because I will be a married person soon, well soon enough anyway. I also enjoy reading about Bean, their adorable little man. I hope I have a kid that cute some day.
The next two I have found in my surfing but I am not sure if they are keepers yet.
 I am glad I only have a few favorite blogs in addition to facebook and twitter. It keeps my surfing to a minimum....and that still is hours :P

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