Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Great Book Series Reads

I have decided to get rid of my books on Amazon. I have read them and they are now just taking up room in my apartment. I will prob. want to read them again but I will go to the library. My favorite book series is still Twilight by Stephanie Meyer. I will never part with these books as they are too near and dear to my heart. The many sleepless nights I have read them. Next, would have to be Harry Potter. I do not have these with me at my apartment but I do not think I can part with them in any event.  My obsession with vampires has translated to the books I have read lately. I have read the Night World series by L.J. Smith. I have read books 1-3. Each book contains three stories detailing the separate stories of all the characters. I also like the Alyson Noel series entitled The Immortals. I am selling the books I have read from the last two series on amazon. I just got some more to read in my time off. I will hopefully start reviewing them on here.

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