Sunday, February 21, 2010


Life is moving slowly these days. On Thurs. around midmorning I got a return email from my manager. I had asked if I would be called out to work in the next couple days or if I could head home. He thought it would be a good idea to head on home for a few days. Next thing I know I am loading up my Escape with my inflatable bed and computer chair.

I had to mess up my nice organized vehicle to fit the computer chair in my car! I was not very excited. I brought everything I would need for work with me just in case I was called out while at home. I stopped in Toledo to drop the chair off and ended up staying with David to eat dinner. I then finished my drive back to Kalida.
Friday morning I went to a doctor's appointment Sara had in Findlay. After the appointment we stopped at Papillion Boutique . I looked for a wedding dress. There wasn't many that were catching my eye. The associate pulled a dress and I just had to try it on! I put the dress on and I knew it was the dress! It was a Maggie Sottero dress. The dress is a Satin with tulle over top. The top is a sweat heart neckline with bedding. and the bedding pulls to the side with beds defining my waist. It is just gorgeous. The dress has some form from the satin but is a little more girly from the tulle, the bedding gives the dress just enough glitz, and defines my waist. I am so excited. It is a little too small but not too small that I will not be able to work towards wearing it in a year and a half!  The wii fit, balance balls, and weight balls are my new best friends!
After going to Findlay I went to Walmart with my mom and ordered vases with my mom for the wedding. I had a busy Friday night ahead of me. I traveled to David's house after we got back. David's mom was having her birthday party in BG with her sisters and I was going ! I was really excited. We traveled up to BG and eventually Toledo with David's Aunt and Uncle. I had a great time at the bars in downtown BG. Even though bars are not really my thing I wouldn't mind going back because of the selection. The party continued to David's Aunt's house in Toledo. I stayed up till at least 2am just chatting. I really enjoyed the time spent with David's family. In the morning I awoke to a light in my eyes! It was only about 7 am! Ugh! Breakfast was good and filled with more conversation.
After Breakfast we traveled to David's cousins house. I really enjoyed this part of the trip. I really envy his cousin and his wife. They both seem to have good jobs, they have a nice, house and they just got a puppy. All are things I am looking forward to having in the future! The house was an older house with a lot of character! I loved it! The size was just right. I could see David and I living in a house similar to theirs for a while. The ride back was good and I managed to get a little nap.
My tooth has been bothering me for the past week. I had been out with my bf Jen to a movie and ended up getting popcorn stuck in between my gum and teeth. I managed to finally get the popcorn out around Wed. or Thurs. but the area was still inflamed. Sat. on the drive back it was hurting again. I took some Ibuprofen and called it good. I used the water pike and hydrogen peroxide when I got home. It was an interesting experience having hydrogen peroxide foaming in my mouth. The gum seems to be  bit better but still really irritated. there was no way I was going to the urgent care clinic when the previous day I had received my bill from my Christmas trip for a sinus infection for $70. I will see how it is on Mon. and decide whether to go to the dentist.
Sat. night I just planned to relax at my parents but after having comp. troubles and deciding we wanted to watch Zombieland David and I traveled up to the video store to rent the video. We drove past seeing the store was closed. We ended up watching Olympics with David's parents and friends. Sunday was the bridal show at he American Legion in Fort Jennings. There were two very good caterers there and good cake as well. I ended up wining an arch entrance way for the wedding!! Yay! One less thing to buy or rent! The rest of the day was spent trying to fix the computer and doing taxes! At least  I get a good return and can pay my bills thru March! Ugh! Responsibilities!

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