Saturday, February 6, 2010

Bloody Psycho in the Snow!

My evening started out nice and normal.....AND THEN the bloody psycho appeared at my door!

 Ok to explain  what happened. I had a great evening with my friend Jen. Including shopping at stores in Acorn Alley in Kent and Maurices. I scored $35. boots for $8 dollars. I in total got Jeans, sweet boots, and socks for $34. That is right! I was stoked. We also ate at Parasson's Italian restaraunt yum o. We had chocolates for dinner from Empire chocolates! The snow had been coming down since I left at 3 pm and by 7ish it was about 4 inches deep. I dropped Jen off and decided to head home. It took 45 min when it usually takes 15 min because of the snow covered roads. I saw a tractor trailer 90 degrees to the highway with the cab pointed in the wrong direction and a tour bus in the middle median strip (luckily still upright but stuck). It was an interesting drive. 

I made my way to Sheetz intending to get my self some adult beverages on my snowed in Friday night and had the pleasure of having my door opened by a young gentleman with the same idea. I was in a pretty good mood after all the events of the night.  I sat down to fiddle with my new netbook (for my job) and relax. After a chat with my Mom and David I continued watching Twister. AND THEN! 

Around 11:30 there was a pounding on my door. I had been hearing rough noises from upstairs all night so I just thought it may be a stupid drunk neighbor playing a prank. I was severely wrong. The pounding on doors continued.....and then returned to my door. I was scared after the first pounding because I am all alone tonight. I locked the top lock just after the first pounding. When the pounding returned again I asked what was wrong. A man returned to my door and said he needed help. Being taught to not trust strangers I was trying to figure out what he needed and if he was a psycho or not. The man was acting pretty shady and distraught. He was asking for help because his girlfriend was bleeding to death.  I at this point still did not believe him but said I will call 911. Well I tried to call on my cell but the batt. was almost dead so I switched to the landline (sorry 911).  I finally explained to the dispatcher and then the fire department dispatcher what was going on. I decided I needed to go downstairs and open the door so they could get in when they got here. The man was still going crazy. He was in a complete panic. Me being level headed was trying to get him to calm down. He was having none of it and I could barely hear the dispatcher. She asked me to put him on the phone and so I just let him have my phone. He went back up to his apartment. I went up to my room put on my crocs and coat and went down to direct the authorities to the right apartment while he was helping his girlfriend. Well the authorities were taking a while because the weather is awful. So I decide to go up and see if this guy needs any help. Well he is on the phone cursing up a storm because they aren't arriving fast enough. Granted there was blood everywhere on the carpet on him, on her and on the cabinets but she was still conscious. I helped hold her up while he applied pressure to the head wound. The girl was a mess. First of all her hair was matted and dyed red (didn't help to see where she was bleeding). I don't think matting was all from blood. Then she only had on panty hose (no underwear) a bra with sweater pulled up. She was rolling around and moaning. An officer finally arrived and took over the situation. The paramedics were there soon after. I asked for my phone back and told the officer about which apartment I was in if she needed to talk to me. I then proceeded to go back to my apartment with a bloody phone and hand and rushing adrenaline. I cleaned off my phone at least twice with Lysol disinfectant and cleaned my hands at least twice. 

Sadly, the blood almost made me throw up. I think I did a pretty good job of keeping my cool. While my neighbor friend was psycho. I really hope I don't have to deal with him again. He managed to come back down and thank me for being the only one to answer my door. I think I was the only one around but who knows my other neighbors may just not give a damn ( nice to know right). 

Here is what I think happened. The girlfriend of my neighbor was not actually his girlfriend but a hooker. I really have no idea. Makes the story better though. Anyway, I believe the noises I heard before were them coming home drunk.Then things were getting hot and heavy and something went wrong. She "hit" her head on the corner of his square glass table. This girl had almost no clothing on. She was wearing panty hose, no underwear, a sweater which was pulled above her bra. She was squirming all over and the man was so panicked he must have been drunk. I honestly don't know what happened but I will not be speaking to this particular neighbor again unless it is necessary.  

My nice day ended in a crazy psycho neighbor and snow. I am hoping the rest of my night goes a little smoother. I hope I can relax enough to sleep tonight.

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  1. OH MY GOSH ELIZABETH!!!!!!! THAT IS ABSOLUTELY CRAZY!!!!!!! HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!! I can't believe that happened to you. OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG. i would spray the whole entire can of lysol on your phone!!!