Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Dress refasion

I love thrift store shopping. I really also like buying dresses. I never seem to know what shoes to wear with dresses though. Anyways, I bought a dress at the thrift store that was fitted and had a very cute pattern. My mom and sister didn't like it as a dress though. I wasn't sure I disagreed so I decided to turn it into a shirt!
The dress had a lining and the overlay. I cut them both right around my hips. I allowed for a bit of overlay for the lining so I could sew up hem. I chose not to sew the hem for the overlay and instead used a fabric no fray to keep the fabric from falling apart.

Close up of the print
I have worn it several times and really love it as a shirt. I did get a comment about the edge being unhemmed so I am considering hemming it. What do you think? Hemmed or unhemmed? 


  1. Hemmed! Cute as crap as a shirt.

  2. oh ok I will pull it out of the closet and figure out how to hem it!