Thursday, February 4, 2010

Review of Knights Inn in Greensburg, PA

While at training in Latrobe, PA I stayed at a Knights Inn. I had a room with a single bed, a recliner, fridge, and microwave. The room was decorated in a style from another decade. Which I am not sure since I haven't been around for that many. The room could have used some fixing up and it smelled of smoke. I had to get a small air cleaner to ensure my allergies did not act up too badly so I didn't get sick. The refrigerator was nice to have since I was there for four days, but it was loud. The heater was also a bit of an annoyance because it was again loud but more importantly clicked and popped a lot. The wiring in the unit was not great as well as when the refrigerator air cleaner and heat were all on at the same time the lights dimmed. The bed was clean, and didn't have any bed bugs. The mattress was less than desirable because it was firm but not a good firm. Firm from the springs, I am glad I will be back in my own bed tonight. The bathroom was not too bad. There was no mold, but the shower head was a hard spray. There was plenty of hot water which was a plus. The carpet did not look too bad but I rarely walked around on it without shoes or socks. The tv was alright but couldn't be turned. The lock on the door didn't make me feel safe either. The door locked every time it was closed but I had to really pull/push to get it shut. I also had to fix the sliding lock because the one screw was pulled out. Overall, I would rate the room as a 2.5/5 for a business traveler on a budget. It will do in a pinch and worked for me while I was at training. More hotel review will follow as I travel more for my job!

Knights Inn

1215 South Main Street
Greensburg, PA 15601-5319
(724) 836-7100

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