Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Juice fast 2-Day 2 Veggie Egg drop soup

Today was another hungry day. I  had carrot, orange and apple and lemon juice for breakfast. It was delicious but gone too fast. 

My review was today at work so I got ready and drank my breakfast at the same time. 
I brought two carrots with me to work just in case I got hungry again. I am sure glad I did. I was starving around 9:30. Ate the carrot and quelled the hunger. 

Lunch was ok. Wish I would have put less lemon in but good. I only drank about 18oz. Around 3pm had another carrot. Also had 1 piece of chocolate and 2 jelly beans today.

When I got home I made my mean green juice. I am happy to report there is more juice for tomorrows lunch. I used the leftovers from the mean green plus some fresh cilantro, garlic, and parsley to boil up vegetable water. I boiled that mixture and then used that veggie juice plus soy, peanut, and slap your mama to make a nice broth. Then I drizzled in an egg to the broth. It was a little off putting with the parsley providing a strong flavor.  After I started eating though it was delicious. When I finished that I had the Formula 1 again with strawberries and grapes. It was delicious. 

Tom. morning I will have vanilla shake when I get to work. I am sleeping in a little late tom.
Hopefully I will be less hungry tom. 
I am trying to get to day 5 really hard. If I can make it there I think I can continue!

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