Sunday, March 11, 2012

Juice fast 2-Day 7 fast ends, kind of

Well this time I made it 5 days on my juice fast, kind of. I did have the onion soup on day 5 so maybe it should be a 4.5 day juice fast.

Yesterday I had juice for breakfast while my DH ate awesome Panera the apartment community provided for us to eat. For lunch I had the rest of the chicken chili, lime broth with mushrooms.

My DH and I decided to try and go bowling. We got there and there was an hour wait. We decided to go get yogurt and smoothies. Well we didn't find the place we were looking for. Instead we found a new yogurt place claiming to be organic and sugar free.

I got a blueberry, raspberry smoothie with vanilla yogurt. DH got sugar free chocolate and a taste of cake batter. The cake batter flavor was too strong.

Dinner was my downfall. Or time off the diet if you will. I told my DH that he needed to go out to eat and I would get a salad or something. He suggested Vietnamese food. I got the Happy Buda rice noodle soup with tofu. It was delicious and I think I may have grossed out my husband by eating so much of it. It was delicious though and there were so many veggies!

Then because I had started the ball rolling, I asked to have half a brownie. :(
It was delicious. I considered yesterday my bad day.

Today was a bit better I suppose. I had formula 1 for breakfast because I was low on supplies.
Lunch was french onion soup with mozzarella. I think if I have it again I will cut out the mozzarella.
For a snack I had a carrot and grapes. Then I was still hungry so I had a smidge of PB.
I still wanted to eat something so I decided to drink my mean green juice.
Then because I was still craving something I ate a greek yogurt I hadn't finished before my fast began.
Then I made apples with oatmeal, cranberries, and walnuts. I could get used to eating that for dessert.

Not sure if I want to continue with the diet. I feel good and don't think I am doing anything unhealthy.
I just stepped on the scale. Big mistake after yesterday and with it being so late in the day. Not sure how I will proceed. I know I will continue to juice at least for lunch but I really do miss eating food.

I love food and love preparing it in new and different ways.

I still have the great shape today to finish. I really feel like Oatmeal in the morning though and will need to make my green juice for lunch tom. For dinner I am going to eat my GST and go to the rodeo. I don't think I will eat anything there as I had a sweet treat with my DH the last time I was there.

For dinner this week I want to go out and get crawfish with my DH.

The motivating factor behind the juice fast is to be healthier and lose weight. To this end I think juicing is helping but I think I may be able to eat and still lose weight. I just need to be more mindful of what I am putting in my mouth. I think I will work on this. I really want a piece of salmon with capers. That sounds so yummy.

I am going to work on using my fitness pal more so I can understand what I am eating and not overeat. I need to figure out how to make more dessert so to speak with fruit and other healthy food.
I really would like rosemary bread that my friend Jenna mentioned when I was talking to her tonight.

I will continue to update with my progress toward my ultimate goal of 150lbs.

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