Friday, March 9, 2012

Juice fast 2-Day 5 Onion delight

Today was a pretty good day. Breakfast was the formula 1 and almond milk yum!

Lunch was my mean green! I had a carrot for mid-morning snack. I had a Twix in the afternoon for the heck of it. I wasn't really craving it...but ate it anyway.

For dinner, I made homemade french onion soup! It was really good for us! It was low sodium beef broth, a bunch of different onions. I think I had two purple, sweet onion, and yellow onion in there. There was about 2 Tbsp of butter and that is it. In the crock pot for 6 hours on high, then husband added garlic when he got home and turned it back on high (I had forgotten garlic in the morning). We each had 1 slice of mozzarella cheese in about 2 cups soup. It was so good!

I plan on continuing my juice fast for a while. Not sure how long but probably for at least another week. Not sure I should call it a juice fast. Not sure what else to call it though.

Tom. I plan on going to the grocery before lunch to get more juicing supplies. I might try to go outside my comfort area and get some broccoli, bok choy, grape fruit, peppers and red cabbage as well as adding fresh herbs from our garden.

I plan on starting to exercise tom. I think I will run for 10-15 min. and then lift weights for 15 min. I will see how I feel and might ride the bike for a bit too. I am hoping working out will help keep my metabolism going so I keep dropping the pounds.

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