Sunday, March 18, 2012

New Me Day 14


Sat. morning worked out on the elliptical for 50 min. and did some weight. Had GST for breakfast with grapes. Lunch was mean green juice. For dinner we went out to Rajun Cajun and had crawfish. They were delicious. I also had a key lime bar and a Guiness beer for St. Patty's day.

Today I worked out on the bicycle. I did the sprint 8 at 10 resistance. It was not fun. I had my GST before I left. We went to get groceries before lunch. We had flax seed pancakes, bacon, and eggs. It was delicious. I also had a fiber one 90 cal brownie. It was delicious.

For dinner I plan on having my mean green again. For dessert I am going to 1/2 a key lime bar.

I only am 702 cal under my weekly goal (weekly goal is 8400 cal or 1200 cal/day). Last week I was 3362 cal under the 1200 cal/day goal.  This week I am going to try to be at least 2500 cal under my goal of 8400 cal.

I am using myfitnesspal to track everything I eat. I think it is a good way to be observant of what I am eating.

For my meals in the future I plan on the following diet.  Breakfast with consist of whole grain muffins, steel cut oats, quinoa, or juice. Lunch will always consist of mean green juice. Snacks will be vegetables namely, carrots, cucumbers, peppers with greek yougart mixed with my favorite dressing (Newman's own Creamy Caesar) or hummus.  Dinner will be as healthy as I can make it. Not sure if I will have too much meat anymore. I am doing fine without it. Such meals may be chicken tacos with black beans and rotel, with corn tortillas. Veggie stir fry (David can add chicken).  Spring rolls are delicious and now that we have our own herbs will be easy to make with salads as a side.  Quinoa with herbs and roasted peppers sounds delicious.

I can't wait till the garden starts to grow so we can have fresh vegetables as well. I will see how the weight lose goes with my new diet and keep you updated here!

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