Sunday, August 14, 2016

Lack of running for run 6/48

I am feeling particularly down today. I haven't made it out for my 12 mile run yet today and I don't anticipate making it out. I am sore everywhere. My DH and I went to the salt flats yesterday and spent a bit of time on the ground and leaning over. All of that cause more soreness on top of the lifting I did on Thursday. I don't have to run particularly hard but I just can't seem to get out the door. 
I honestly am considering not running the marathon. I am not enjoying running and I just do it to stay fit. I am wondering if there is another activity I can do and be fit. I also may just be having an off week. I am planning on running tom. night for my interval training. I am considering running with the OKC landrunners on Sat. morning. They are doing 12 and I will need to do 13. I am hoping running with a group will get me back into running. I am for sure going to get out and bike today as the weather is just beautiful out. Or I will at least be going out for a short jaunt around the neighborhood. 
I am just torn about running the marathon. I am more interested in trying to get pregnant. I think I will shoot for that goal and not for the marathon. I will prob. continue to train for the marathon as if I will be running it but I might downgrade to the half. It just depends what happens with getting pregnant.

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