Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Run 3/48, 10 mile long run

On Sunday set my alarm for 5am for my long run. I was tired and sore so I shut the alarm off. I arose about 6:30ish and headed out. I started my run around 7 am. It was hot and uncomfortable. But I powered through. About mile 2sih I stopped to use the facilities and then continued on. As I approached the transition from trail to road on the dam I wasn't feeling it. I pushed through and kept going. Around mile 5 I felt like I was done. I still kept pushing but started taking 0.05 mile breaks and then running 0.2 mile. I finished the last 5 miles this way and was able to finish 10 miles. 9 technically running and 1 walking. I will take it though.

Here are my times. I did run a bit slower than I should have but I am cutting myself some slack as it was hot.  I hope to continue to get better as the heat abates. I am more interested in just finishing as well so I can live with this time.
Week 1 done

Week 1 of training is done. Now on to week two.

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