Sunday, August 14, 2016

Run 5/48, 5 miles at 10:30 min/mile or 5.7 mph, Hottest Run

For this run I decided to split my run up into two runs. The first was 2 miles of hills in my neighborhood at 10:30 min/mile or 5.7 mph. The run in the morning went well although it was hot and humid. I was able to finish without too much difficulty.

The second part of the run was at the hottest run 5k. The run was much cooler than the previous runs. I was able to keep up with my DH and we were running at around 10:10 min/mile to start with. My DH picked it up the last mile and a half while I petered out. I was trying to keep up the 10:30 min/mile pace but had to take a few walk breaks of 0.05 miles. I felt pretty good but was pretty tired at the end. I am feeling better running at 5.7 mph.

I am glad the night races are over as running late is difficult.

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