Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Well shit snacks, that didn't go well.

Well, shoot guys. I tried running my 7 miler at tempo pace. I felt fine as I geared up and headed out into the heat. I was walking while waiting for my GPS to sync and enjoying the heat. Being in the AC all day really gets to me. Oh also there was an earthquake today. The shaking felt real fun from a skyscraper. I am definitely thinking about investing in a parachute.
Anyways, my watch synced and I was off. Well the first few steps of my run and the back of my legs seized up so bad I had to stop and stretch it out. No problem I thought let's just warm up it will be fine. I only made it to 0.6 and decided to turn around. I just couldn't and wouldn't push through the pain. I don't want to risk serious muscle strain or injury. I finished up a mile running, because I am OCD. I walked my butt back to the gym, which hurt a bit . When I got back I hit the foam roller and a stick roller and did some stretching. I really hurt on drive home.
I have been stretching, icing, massaging and taking painkillers. I am hoping this clears up Tom. And I can get back out for my 7 miler. I still plan on running 13 on Sat. With running group. I am trying to not run 7 miles and then 13 miles back to back especially with sore muscles. I think the lunges did me in yesterday so I will reduce those or not do them again.
Here is to your run. I hope you had better success than I did and if not, I am right there with ya.

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