Monday, August 1, 2016

Marathon Intervals 8X0.25 miles at 9:30 min/mile or 6.3 mph

Hey running friends, marathon training is underway. I completed my first interval training workout. I stuck to indoor training as the weather has been hot, hot, hot. I set the treadmill to 2 interval training in marathon mode, 5.0 slow and 6.3 fast. I started out running and then took rest intervals of 0.1 miles. I really started feeling it around the 6th interval. I was able to power through and finish up.
I am glad to have 1 of the 48 workouts finished.

This morning I ordered a night brace for what I think is plantar fasciitis. I tried wearing a brace I had at home last night and it did not go well. I am not sure if I had it too tight or the brace isn't appropriate. I ended up ripping the brace off after a few hours. The pain doesn't bother me when running yet but I don't want it to get worse as I continue to train. I might go put the brace on after my running tonight and stretch the tendons. I also brought a x brace that is supposed to be worn with open shoes. I will see if they help. I plan on wearing them day and night to see if they will help heal my foot. Until next time happy running.

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