Friday, August 12, 2016

Run 4/48, Running 4x.75 @9.50 mpm or 6.1mph

Week two is underway!  I was gifted a box of truffles and they were delicious. 
Back to running. I didn't run after my long run until Wednesday. I was just too sore on Monday and then Tuesday I worked out with a friend. My Tuesday and Thursday workouts are going well but are keeping me sore.
 The run was a 4 X 0.75 intervals at 9:30 min per mile or 6.1 mph. I started out running and then rested about 0.15 mile. I ended up finishing my run at 3.5 miles. I was pretty happy with how it went. I had a side stitch for a minute but pushed through it. I am fairly happy with my time even with walking intervals.
another run in the books
My next run is a 5 mile tempo run. I am unfortunately going to need to break the run up. My DH and I are running a 5k in the evening for a summer race series. I have 2 miles to do either after the run or before. I didn't get up this morning as I was pretty sore from my workout last night.

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